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Equal Discrimination

Emraan Hashmi says that he was denied an NOC to purchase a flat in the posh Bandra locality of Mumbai because he is a Muslim. It is absolutely possible. The society which denied the NOC blames  his image of a serial kisser for the denial. The fact is  that this does not happen to the Muslim minority alone,  people from the majority community also face problems like this and there are so many reasons people have to justify this discrimination.

People don’t give flats to self employed people (I have faced this) and  advocates because it will  be difficult to get their house back when required by the landlord. Single boys and girls face problems in getting houses because they could threaten the peace of the neigbourhood. Bengalis may have problems in a non-Bengali neighbourhood because fish is their staple diet and the smell of the fish bothers people who don’t eat fish. Non-vegetarians face this problem in Jain or Marwari majority areas. People with large families or joint families find it difficult to get a house because they create a lot of noise. My friend had to spend a lot of money to soundproof  her house because she had one such family living in the apartment above. I know somebody who lied about the size of his family when he had a meeting with the landlord, claiming to have only two children when he actually had six. A senior politician hired a house in the name of his brother because nobody was willing to rent a house to him. He was asked to vacate the house after people in the area complained about the security threat because of the number of strangers coming to the locality to meet him, he vacated the house, either because he was a gentleman or he doesn’t need it now as his party in in power at the centre. There are people who won’t give their houses to Punjabis because they are considered aggressive. There are thousand and one reasons for not giving your flats to certain people or groups of people and religion is definitely not the only reason for discrimination at least in India.

Being selective when renting houses was always  prevalent in India and it is good that we are openly discussing it now, but using the minority card or the Dalit card when convenient is not going to benefit the cause of the people who are being discriminated. Azharuddin played the minority card when he was charged with match-fixing, although there were many people who faced the same charges from the majority community (Ajay Jadeja, Prabhakar and Kapil Dev). Mayawati whenever cornered for her misdeeds plays the Dalit card. A few months ago there was a news report which mentioned that a few students in IIT Delhi  who got admission through reservation were sacked because they didn’t meet the minimum qualifying criteria. The students  complained  that they were being victimized as they belong to reserved category. This sort of  opportunistic approach will not help anybody.


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