A Face-less, Voice-less Existence

A faceless, voiceless Indian woman from an unknown village or city died in Singapore tonight. All we know about her is that her parents sold their land to finance her studies. Usually in murder cases the mystery to be solved is who killed her but in this case we need an answer for how many are responsible for her killing.

She escaped death in her mother’s womb – she could have easily been one of the thousands of girls killed because they are girls, no other reason needed. She survived death after seeing the light outside her mother’s womb, people call it female infanticide. As she grew up her mother kept an eye on her to save her from the evil eye of relatives and friends who could have harmed her emotionally and physically. She survived. He father sold land to finance her education, he wanted her to stand on her own two feet and live respectfully. She came to Delhi, she followed all norms forced on her by the society, she didn’t wear ” provocative”clothes, she was outside the house at a “civilized” hour, she was accompanied by a male friend and she was traveling in a public transport. Yet she was raped and killed brutally.

There is a long list of people who murdered not just her but also all the other girls who have died unknown deaths due to sexual assault and gender based discrimination. The doctor who performs foeticide; husbands and in laws who force mothers to kill their own babies; the soul keepers of the society who expect girls to make sure they don’t get raped instead of telling their sons to not rape; laws, lawyers and judges who provide loop holes to the rapists; politicians who accuse the victim instead of culprit.


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6 responses to “A Face-less, Voice-less Existence

  1. Raghu T N S

    It is really unfortunate that females are treated like second class citizen everywhere in our country, where people worship lot of female gods. Females are looked upon as cooks,labourers and sex satisfiers.Unless stringent laws are framed, the digusting suppressive attitude and ill treatment to females will cotinue unabated and the offenders continue to go scotfree. Let big screens, media and press also take a resolve not to demean females by inviting pictures or stories,just for increasing the revenue.I pray almighty(who alone can help the hapless females) to protect our mothers and sisters from the clutches of Ravanas atleast from 2013. Afterall, God is the one who created females to complement males but they have become supplements. Raghu

  2. Reminds me of a real life tale a friends mom, a strong woman who augmented family income with tailoring , and raised her kids to be well educated told me… i always wanted to blog about…

    It was about a bride of her neighbor in a mumbai chawl, a man that evoked strong reactions on her face …
    Now about the girl … She was an unwanted 6th daughter of a Delhi small time trader married off at a young age, burned by her husband , died even before she reached her 30s …. died defending her husband so scared that she would have no place to go to if she survived the 60+ % burns she suffered from the torment
    The man .. he is still alive … he has married twice !.

    There are rapes everyday…even this govt routinely rapes the citizens though its vote bank policy

    What stood out about the delhi girl was that she fought , and India fought …. Laws can change overnight … but attitudes don’t change overnight !

  3. sam

    we must stop abortion now! Abortion is an evil, despicable crime, but the law against it is not being enforced.

  4. This is such a misfortune. And even after this things have not changed, neither the courts have delivered justice.:(

  5. Oleg


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