Madhu Koda Knows, Not Easy To Make Money..

We,  the people of India seem to have forgotten the gospel truth that  if you owe $100 to a bank, they will sue you, but if you owe $100 million, they will make you a director of the bank. Former Jharkhand chief minister Madhu Koda’s residence in Ranchi was sealed amid allegations that he amassed illegal assets worth crores. The IT department (most honest govt department according to some), which was probing a disproportionate assets charge against Madhu Koda, conducted raids in eight Indian cities at 70 places of the former chief minister and his associates. Documents relating to illegal transaction of Rs.2,000 crore were recovered from his house.The electronic and print media is demonizing him day and night.

When I heard that Income tax  officials allegedly seized four rupee counting machines in his house I was touched. Imagine all the hard work he had put in to earn these crores. How can we  expect politicians to work for the people after forcing them to spend so much time collecting, counting, converting and investing cash. He could have been saved all the effort of counting notes if all the cash would have been deposited in his mines, hotels and other assets directly. Koda had to make trips to foreign countries while he was the mines and geology department minister. He had visited Liberia, Bangkok and Dubai. Munda, the then CM instead of feeling sorry that he didn’t provide opportunities to invest black money in India complained that he went without informing him as per the protocol.  If it wasn’t a state visit Koda must have spend his own money. Where in India will you find such honest politicians where not only the ministers but their families also travel on govt expense. How many people is he suppose to inform, his father , mother, wife and  Munda also expected to be a part of the list as a bos! Madhu koda  is an adult and should be treated like one. On top of that he suffered  jet lags, ate hotel food, missed mum and dad during that period and his opponents accuse him of money laundering. I am sure the gall bladder stones for which he was operated upon were the result of all that bahar ka khana. Poor man, he is still in the hospital due to that. I trust  Rasika Koda (Madhu Koda’s father)  when he says that “Madhu is a simple human being like me. His character is clean, My son is paying the price for being one of the most popular chief ministers and tribal leaders the state has ever produced.” A son who had invited  his father to stay with him in his plush official bungalow after becoming the Chief Minister cannot do anything wrong. As  the politician who wears khadi  cannot waste public money, same way  a person who loves his parents cannot do anything  wrong (Kabir Das would certainly have written a doha on the topic if someone like Koda existed in his time).

There is a specific qualification required for different professions. In most countries people with excellent extortion and corruption skills are fit to join the underworld,  in India they are drawn to politics. It is not that an engineer is being asked to perform a brain surgery! Madhu Koda’s  assets grew from Rs 35 lakh in 2004 to over Rs 30 crore in 2009 as per his own declaration to the Election Commission. What better example do you need of India Shining ? The costliest advertisements by the govt couldn’t have proved the progress made by India and Indians in a more convincing way. We are proud to say that we are the largest democracy of the world but forget that democracy  is  expensive.  It takes huge sums of money to get elected to public office. How do we expect the poor Kodas of India to get elected if they don’t earn? A politician  is  “honest” if he takes money and delivers the promised goods. A “dishonest” one is he who takes the money but does not come through! This should be the basis of judging Madhu Koda, any other way would be unfair.

Kindly open your heart, I just saw Mr Koda’s picture with his wife in the Hindustan times, with a white and red cap adorning his head, he seems to be such a family man. The picture is able to make the women of India emotional. It is not that the poor man has taken his oath in Maharashtra assembly in Hindi or refused to sing Vande Matram, all he did was made some money which is his right as a politician. Imagine the number of people who will motivated to become politicians after hearing his rags to riches story. There are role models required, the Mayawatis, Jayalalithas and Lalus of the country are not enough to inspire the poor of the country. Let us all pray that conditions outside the hospital are soon conducive enough for him to recover from his illness and his counting machines are again put to use.


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17 responses to “Madhu Koda Knows, Not Easy To Make Money..

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  2. Rishi9811112948

    Great note..
    U rock

  3. Rishi9811112948


  4. The law of punishment for finance should be severe.

  5. hahaha! I really enjoyed this one. Your brilliance is showing Prerna!

  6. Thanks Hobo and Rishi.
    Nita, thanks for your kind words.

  7. “A politician is “honest” if he takes money and delivers the promised goods. A “dishonest” one is he who takes the money but does not come through! ” – good one prerna.

  8. Thanks Anrosh and Reema.

  9. I know. And look at the poor man languishing in a hospital ICU because of stomach pain, all due to those silly over-zealous people from Income Tax.

    How are we common citizens of India to live in such horrid conditions?

  10. Thanks Vishesh and AD.

  11. (Kabir Das would certainly have written a doha on the topic if someone like Koda existed in his time).

    Really enjoyed reading this one!!

  12. Prax

    ‘A politician is “honest” if he takes money and delivers the promised goods. A “dishonest” one is he who takes the money but does not come through! This should be the basis of judging Madhu Koda, any other way would be unfair.’

    :-) lol, U said it! great writeup

    Koda is unlucky, because he got caught two timing.
    If a politician from a small new state could make that much what about the politicians in our metros and central govt?

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