Going for a short trip, will be back in a few days :)


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4 responses to “Break

  1. Have a good trip :)
    and yeah be back soon :)

  2. Take your time. the write up on Kambakth ishq showed the shallowness and the skin deep frolics of the present times and the manouvered marketting of films. sometimes the rickshawwallah opposite to the mandir and next to my tree plays old hindi music. the depth and the
    pathos in those lines and the melancholy in the notes andthe voice made even my exgirlie bhriend turn round with a tear eyed flourish. i hid behind the leaves as sentiments shook me upto the usually brave tail. it went like this…..dhoond tha hu tuche har raah me har mehfil me,thak gayee hai meri majboor tammanna ki kadam,
    do ghadi apni en ankhon ka sahaara dede
    mera khoya hua rangeen nazara dede…….meri mehaboob thuche meri mohabat ki kasam……..
    today isq is a 2 minute high -hence kambaqth……
    any how, have a wonderful break. i was joking when i said take your time.i will gift some of mine too. uh, two drunkards are fighting who will pay for the last peg, right below this tree. let me do this last bit -shoo them off – before calling it a night. bye.

  3. Enjoooooooooooooooyyyyyyyyyy! :)

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